Review: Dark “Inside The Void”

Review: Dark “Inside The Void”

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This May the second record “Inside the Void” of Swedish dark rock quartet Dark was self-released, without any help from music labels. Not the most productive band in the world, that’s for sure, but this short 20-minute EP nonetheless is better than nothing.

The musicians of Dark have got their experience in such bands as Beseech, The Mary Major or Skineater, drawing inspiration from gothic, alternative rock or even death metal. But no death metal on this record, it’s very classical dark/gothic rock, inspired not only by prime times of goth rock of 1980s, but also touched by more modern trends of 2000s (but not too softened by love metal influence). But “Inside the Void” has its own special aura and spirit, it’s truly Scandinavian phenomenon, even in the most positive musical genres to find some sort of melancholy or pain. Dark have chosen to play dark music, the band’s name speaks for itself, so there’s like double amount of darkness in their music, but very stylishly presented, like the sweetest candies on the funeral table.

All the songs are relatively catchy and memorable, the melodies are simple and smooth, the technical abilities and brusque moves aren’t for these Swedes; they prefer to display the gradual calmness and melancholic laziness. And everything is covered under thick layer of dark romance (especially on “One of Us” and “Die Together”). Gothic rock structures and melodic lines also emphasize the dark spirit of this EP and grace it with deathly and ghastly presence. Some sort of rock ’n’ roll spirit on “Finally Home” echoes the dancy and post-punky mood of the fastest track “Memories”; whilst “One of Us” and “Die Together” incline more towards romantic ballads. And low and sometimes unctuous voice of their singer Erik Molarin fits so perfectly into the concept of obscure music of Dark, tenderly but intensely charging it with traditional gothic mood.

Without doubt, Dark are enamored with gothic atmosphere of the past, it is felt everywhere on this record – on the bleak and symbolic cover art, through the 90s sound, in typical guitar riffs and nostalgic piano parts; but regardless, it still sounds pertinently fresh even in 2021. So with old school seasoned hearts and devotion, but with modern views and catchy ideas, “Inside the Void” sounds just in the right place at the right time.

Release date: April 30th, 2021

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