Review: DEATH FETISHIST “Clandestine Sacrament”

Review: DEATH FETISHIST “Clandestine Sacrament”

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DEATH FETISHIST “Clandestine Sacrament”
Debemur Morti Productions

On the western coast of USA located the state of Oregon. The largest city there is Portland, where metropolitan area live almost 2.400.000 people. It means that the most of Oregon’s population resides over there. So that’s anything strange in fact that it’s also economic and cultural center of the state. Well, in several areas it’s not only about the state, even if Portland as on American scale isn’t very huge city.

As I know music is important for residents of Portland. Music scene in the city is very vibrant. It was home-city for Punk bands Vipers or Dead Moon. Anyway, especially in 1980’s Punk scene was very strong in the area. But ANTICHRIST METALZINE is and will always be oriented on Metal, so…

Portland absolutely can be named “Metal City”. There’re really many active bands, metal bars etc. One of young, but surely not the youngest band which’s members call Portland home city is DEATH FETISHIST. In 2015 two guys G. Nefarious (drums, percussion) and Matron Thorn (Reuben Christopher Jordan – guitars, bass, and vocals) decided to found a band. Anyway, it seems that both of them are busy because they play in several bands – especially the one who I mentioned as second. In fact, some of them are so called “one-man bands”.

However, as DEATH FETISHIST they released until now two EPs: “Whorifice” and “Lucifer Descending” and mentioned above album. Oddity can be here the fact that all of them were released last year. I didn’t heard  EPs, so I can say anything about them, but I can say something about ”Clandestine Sacrament”. And I’ll do it!!!

This full-length contains eight songs and takes almost fifty and an half minutes. Music is described by musicians as Black/Doom, but to be honest I can’t find elements of this second sub-genre of metal. Well, “Verbrannt im altem Morast”, “The Gifted Medium” and fragments (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer like in “Upturneth the Chalice“) of some other songs can be connote with ancient, even if there’re mostly declamations of female voice in them. And ambient always was rather instrumental music, so somebody can say that I bullshit at the moment, but since it has this dark atmosphere, it’s definitely a black metal. But if you expect typical Norwegian Black here you’ll be probably disappointed. I can hear some touch of that in what these two Americans play. But from other side it’s too variable.

Riffs aren’t some technical Mount Everest. It sounds like they’d be rather changeless, but it’s only first wrong impression. The fact is that they don’t change very often, but enough often to notice it. I can hear in them something death’y, even if it’s subtle and hard to define. Anyway, they’re rather short ones, in some way sharp and predatory, too. Drums play very variously, even if there’s not many passages and stuff like that. Mostly it’s in middle tempo, but I can also hear very often subtle synthesizer. Morton’s vocal is desperate, sometimes majestic, but always dirty and dark! It’s something between growling and scream.

So, to tell it shortly, but emphatically in the same time, Portlanders recorded and DEBEMUR MORTI PRODUCTIONS released good album! I can recommend it with clear conscience to all who like when music fucks their ears up. Yes!!! Even if it’s not brutal in traditional meaning of this word it’ll destroy you!


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