Review: DeathEpoch “Abysmal Invocation” [Putrid Cult]

Review: DeathEpoch “Abysmal Invocation” [Putrid Cult]

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I didn’t know what to expect at first – the intro/1st track came on. A tribal dance drum beat as if an orgy of a thousand cadavers… The precursor to the rest of this calling of Black/War/Death styles in “Abysmal Invocation” is not as common as one would assume based on the description I give and you’ll be told why. This two man commando team is NOT afraid of inclusion of deep exploration of sounds to combine with their dirges. The vocals are those or a throat gargling broken glass which also adds a tremendous dose of ass kicking. A slight deviation in the vocals on track “Genocide III” features a separate guest vocalist (there are three guest vocalists) and it was distracting to me when I heard it. Acheron‘s Vincent Crowley makes a special appearance lending his vocals to “Genocide V” and as a special treat, DeathEpoch covered “Ave Satanas” (the original version is on the Acheron promo from 1990 and of course, the great ‘Rites of the Black Mass” composition). A great release and one worth listening to if you have an additional liking for electronic music in some parts but all you want is a ritual like audial ritual. Support!

Release date: October 6th, 2020

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