Review: Demogorgon “You Are Worthless and I Want You Dead” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Demogorgon “You Are Worthless and I Want You Dead” [Sliptrick Records]

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Last summer, the Australian one-man project Demogorgon released its fifth studio album You Are Worthless and I Want You Dead via independent music label Sliptrick Records. Demogorgon is quite prolific, in the year 2020 alone, he released three full-length albums. And although he consistently produces one album per year, it’s doubtful that he has run out of creative ideas.

Demogorgon plays traditional black metal, drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian BM pioneers from the 90s. This project is an absolute no-no for those who seek bizarre visions, wishing to dive into the musical depths of the unknown. Such music will satisfy only those who want to experience a healthy dose of classic black metal without any frills towards DSBM, lengthy and melancholic post-black instrumental passages or pompous twists of sympho/melo black. But You Are Worthless and I Want You Dead isn’t also raw black that captures the mood and atmosphere with primitive melodies and basement sound. Based on heavy metal traditions, this album allows us to reflect with a nostalgic blast on the times when black metal was a newly-fledged and promising genre. Full of misanthropy and unrealized anger, this grim record is an excellent homage to sociopathy – antisocial, cold and vile.

Despite its freezing monotony, this album exudes an overwhelming level of anxiety, infecting everything around with a decent dope of hostility towards all living things. Demogorgon created a wholesome record; the songs blend seamlessly with each other, not repeating the worn-out melodies for the umpteenth time. There’s a strange feeling like the foundation lies in primal instincts – the engine of this album is hidden in the roar of a cornered beast, simultaneously disgorging deadly struggle, hidden fears and blind hatred. Thanks to these primal instincts, we can even forget about how profoundly this album lies in the domain of true black metal in all its old school glory. Everything flows naturally; each song is a piece of the mosaic, creating a cohesive monumentality under the title You Are Worthless and I Want You Dead.

An exception is a couple of ambient tracks. Monochromatic “From Utter Darkness” has creepy vibes and a hint of increasing drama. “Domination” is far more mysterious in an occult way, but with the same level of creepiness, whilst “Invocation” emanates an aura of ritualistic tranquility in hushed tones. “The Ancient Forest” is closer to black/folk direction, emphasizing importance of ambiance and connection with nature. We can even hear some melancholic sadness, subtly tinged with romantic color. For a while we can forget about misanthropy while immersing into hidden depths of this suspiciously serene repose.

“A Cleansing of Impure Blood” takes us back to the times of rock ’n’ roll and punk rock, offering some reprieve from the constant murkiness of this album. “I Piss on Your Grave” has some perky vibes with an elevated level of aggression. The primitive “Parasite” leans on 80s black with characteristic combat riffs. In general, each song is designed on one or a couple of simple riffs, charging the entire composition with not so brilliant originality. However, this singsong simplicity is the core of classic black metal. Demogorgon sings very clearly, so it’s really easy to catch up with his antichristian odes to Satan, full of abhorrence and worship of death under the all-seeing eye of almighty Father of Lies.

Despite the fact that this album spews tons of venomous contempt, somewhere deep inside lies a vulnerable soul, donning the mask of misanthropy and protesting against the outdated dogmas of christianity. But after black metal went out of fashion, leaving the posers behind, new bands are popping up that genuinely live by the principles of black metal, selling their souls to this genre and making Satanism and sociophobia their way of life. And this unfeigned dedication is definitely not just a passing phase.

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