Review: Descend To Acheron “The Transience Of Flesh” [Petrichor]

Review: Descend To Acheron “The Transience Of Flesh” [Petrichor]

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This Australian death metal band describes themselves as a technical death metal with a slight touch of black metal. In my opinion Descend to Acheron deliver solid blackened death metal but in their very own style. That’s something very rare nowadays. A lot of blackened death metal bands try to sound in some way like Belphegor or Behemoth. Just a little group manage to sound unique in their own way. Descend to Acheron is one of them. They did an excellent job.

The songs are very heavy and spread absolute chaos. The vocals are deeply growling their way throughout the EP. Here and there they are supported by some higher screams. The great bass lines and the driving drums great a great structure for the dynamic technical riffing. There are just a few parts that reminds of black metal, but just the right amount to make the songs even more interesting.

This EP is a perfect debut for a blackened death metal band, we will hopefully hear more in the future.

Release date: December 4, 2020

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