Review: Destillat “Under Black Horizons” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Destillat “Under Black Horizons” [Sliptrick Records]

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As I usually do, this will be an overview, but with some additional headers. That way what I am trying to say will not get lost in paragraphs of comparisons and analogies.

So, on that note…

A brief introduction:

Destillat are a five-piece band from Germany. From what I can hear they are a mix of black and melodic death metal, and the album on review here is Under Black Horizons.

The sound and production are excellent. The music, musicianship and song structures are all excellent. Musically they have nailed it!

The vocals. I’m a stickler for sure, because for me vocals are… you guessed it… key! So the issue I have is this… If you are going to switch between two vocal styles, then both have to be stellar, and in fact that is one of the major issues I have with vocalists who switch between styles, they are usually better at the one than the other – as is the case with Stiffler from Destillat. His black metal style vocals are better than his deeper, more growl style vocals, yet still not fantastic. And I’m sorry, but vocals have to be fantastic.

A conclusive overview:
I cannot stress enough how vocals have to be flawless and perfectly suited to the music. In Destillat’s case they are not. Musically the album is excellent with a good amount of variation throughout. Vocally it falls short. Since this is only their debut, there is massive potential here, even by sticking to their current formula of a black and melodic death mix.

Is it still worth a listen? Absolutely.

Til next time.

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