Review Destruction “Under Attack” (by Ivona Bogner)

Review Destruction “Under Attack” (by Ivona Bogner)

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Destruction - Under Attack - Artwork

Destruction “Under Attack”
Nuclear Blast records

“Under Attack” is 14th studio album of German Thrash Metal legends, Destruction. This album is what most of fans expected and which continues their style in past few years.

In past years band luckily decided to go back to the roots after their crazy groove phase which I never understood. Now they are thrashing again, bring us magnificent riffs, engaged lyrics spiced with Schmier’s vocals.

This album is another proof that band has a lot of metal in their veins and they share it with their fans.

I have no musical education, but I live for metal and I write from the botom of my heart. I never liked to analyze song by song, cause everyone of us has own lyrics interpretation. But, sice my job is to write a review, I have to make a compromise. Here are the interpretations of songs which impressed me the most.

Opening title track “Under Attack” in opening riffs does not promisse a lot. Step by step, instrument by instrument, line by line it brings us to memorable chorus:

“Global – unity – the freedom of our mind
Alliance and Integration – freedom of education
Humanity – UNDER ATTACK”.

The first, the longest and one of the best. Along with “Generation Nevermore” I recognize “Under Attack” as a new Destruction and in global thrash anthems.

“Dethroned” in some part reminds me a lot of Kreator style, “Elegant Pigs” is searching for an answer:

“What the fuck ever happened
To the true spirit of rock?”

“Second To None” is dedicated to internet trolls. Lyrics just hit to the core of the problem which modern technology brought us, the perfect psychological profile of internet generation.

What always cheers me up are revitalized metal anthems (read covers). This album includes three bonus tracks: rerecorded “Thrash Attack” (“Infernal Overkill”, 1985) and two versions of “Black Metal”. Legendary Venom song obviously had a lot of influence on Destruction since they put two versions of “Black Metal” at this album. One version is sung with a little help of Alex Camargo (Krisiun).

My favorite Thrash Metal bands have always been Kreator and Destruction. Luckilly, I had a chance to see both bands, meet Mille and Schmier. Both living for metal, living for fans and it is our turn to bring them beck the power and strenght to produce new music.

(c) Ivona Bogner

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