Review: Diktatur “La voie du sang”

Review: Diktatur “La voie du sang”

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Diktatur “La voie du sang”
Melancholia Records

Bayonne lays in French part of Basque Country really near to Bay of Bizkaia, but thanks to confluence of the Nive and Adour rivers it has connection with sea. There’s also not so far to Pyrenees from the city. Anyways, Baiona as it’s called in Basque is very old city with roots in antic times. In 1st century after Nazarene the Romans decided to surround it with a wall. Then history was a little bit complicated, By the way, city always was and still is important for the region and it’s about several fields.

This is for example cultural capital if the region. Very important part of culture is music and here we have connection with DIKTATUR. Name of the band can suggest that it plays something what have more or less to do with Punk Rock, HC or Grindcore. But when you’ll hear first tones of “La Voie du Sang” you’ll probably be in little shock. Our friends: Thorgis (Nicolas Andrieux – drums) and Rogkterror (guitars, vocals) present since 2008 Black Metal. In meantime there were bassist who took also care about vocals in the band, but Orgetos left it in 2012. The same happened with second guitarist who also was singing. But Thsymgor stopped to play in DIKTATUR (and maybe even in general) last year.

Except just reviewing full-length guy have ibn their discography EP ‘L’agonie d’un Monde’. It also seems that I just write review of re-edition of album released in 2010. The only differences are two bonus songs and a little other order of other ones. I didn’t hear first version of the album, so I can’t tell you if there’re some differences in arranges, sound and stuff like that.  But personally I don’t suppose that guys entered the studio again. Music as I already said is Black Metal. And this is this more atmospheric, slow version of this Metal’s sub-genre. But no worries – there’s no keyboard and stuff like that here! This is about dark atmosphere created by classic instruments. Guys speed-up quite often what the best hearable is in drums’ parts. Thorgis beats variable, use cymbals almost whole the time, make some passages, changes tempo. That isn’t something what’s extremely striking, but… Riffs are also played, especially as on Black Metal, very various. We have some rather subtle technical tricks, too.

I know that there’re people who’ll doubt after hearing this music if it’s really B. M. But after hearing vocalizations of Rogkterror and Orgetos these doubts will dispel surely! This is of course screechy, but we also have to do with scream from time to time. Generally, I can hear quite clearly that this band grew up and has its roots deep in French scene. And it’s not only coz of French lyrics!

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