Review: Superbeast “A New Future”

Review: Superbeast “A New Future”

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Superbeast “A New Future”

Unfortunately I have very vestigial information about this band. I know only that it was found by guitarist Ganzz who plays in MAD MACHINE. Frankly I’m not sure how is it with this band coz they released only  “Mad Machine” in 2004 and that’s it. So maybe I shouldn’t use simple present here?!? Anyhow, hell knows when he decided to give live to SUPERBEAST, but the fact is that June 30th was released digitally debut stuff of this creature.

I’m probably too old and too much committed to physical copies to understand difference between digital demos and EPs. Honestly in my world EP was, is and will always be piece of vinyl with little hole in the middle of it. But if Japanese wanna call ‘A New Future’ (by the way, this is typical pleonasm) I can’t ban it. Anyways, the most important is music which’s enclosed here. Guys use term Death/Thrash Metal to describe what they play. Well, in my opinion it’s not only about them in what I hear. Residents of Tokyo serve us first of all Death Metal in which you can notice some strong influences. Riffs are short and quite broken, nut in the same time aggressive. Ganzz doesn’t display too much. We’re able to listen to some technical tricks. Good opportunity to do it is “Waking Power” where they’re very well-hearable (what doesn’t mean that this is mission impossible to do it in another four compositions). Character of this song is definitely Thrash and this is also (maybe even mainly) thanx to Dr. Valan’s vocal. I could say whose name comes on my mind when I hear his timbre and way of singing. But these of you who know me, know that I’ll don’t do it. You need to check it out by yourselves and then we can discuss about it if you’ll wanna do it. However, in some songs he presents us growling which can be connoted with Death/Grind, I guess.

He’s also responsible for drumming here. Just like Ganzz he’s rather experienced musician because plays (played – ?!?) in MAD MACHINE, too. By the way, he beats energetically and often in the way which’s reminiscent of Thrash Metal, for sure. That’s not so complicated play, even if we have passages and so on here. But the main focus in this music is power.

To sum up, this is fine piece of music. SUPERBEAST is band like many others in my opinion – I can’t see anything super in their creativity (I have impression that I already heard somewhere most of riffs and so on), but it surely has potential. Fans of Death, Thrash and a little melody in that will be satisfied after listening to this stuff.


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