Review: The Projectionist “Exalted Solitude”

Review: The Projectionist “Exalted Solitude”

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The Projectionist “Exalted Solitude”

THE PROJECTIONIST was found in 2015 and it seems that guys immediately coz next year they released debut album entitled ‘Poisonous Disengagement’. Next year came out ‘The Gallow Forest Eulogy’ in 2016. Anyhow, this year they’re even more active and released already 3 stuffs: just releasing full-length and two splits.

When you’ll take a look at cover-art many of you probably think that maybe this is this is Black Metal, but surely symphonic, melodic… Well, I have to disappoint you (or not) here! The reason is that this is mostly Raw Black Metal we have to do here with. I wrote ‘mostly’ coz there’re fragments which show broader influences of band’s members. They’re not so long and you have to be careful while listening, but it’s possible to notice them. Anyways, riffs are short, raw and dirty. Somebody could say that they’re primitive ones and it’d be truth. But it’d be compliment surely for Canadians, I guess. In music like that it’d sound at least strange if Don and/or Destroyer would display with some solos and stuff like that! By the way, if you think that guys can’t play guitar and that’s why music is like it is than you’re fuckin’ wrong. You’ll notice your mistake when you’ll listen to other band where Don plays – PATH TO EXTINCTION. Actually, except drummer Malphas all members of THE PROJECTIONIST participate in some bands/projects. Anyhow, drumming here is also exactly like it should be in such music – uncompromising, almost whole the time in fast tempo and ostensibly even monotonous. But you’ll find here some interesting passages and so on. About vocals Lörd Matzugkeitus takes care here. And I can only repeat what I said about guitars, drums and what is also about bass: that’s absolutely in line with standards of this kind of B.M. And I doubt that I should write something more here. We all know how sounds vocal in Black Metal, so…

I recommend this band first of all to people who like such music. You don’t have to be true-blue fan of it, but you need to feel this! Otherwise you can be bored after one or two listening. Anyways, I’m not bored with that at all, but I’ll listen to it only when my mood will be right. Well, I think it always should be with B. M. coz in this sub-genre of Metal feelings are very important.

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