Review: Dimension F3H ”This Mechanical World”

Review: Dimension F3H ”This Mechanical World”

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For those who don’t know about Dimension F3H, is a ‘’bladerunner thrash’’ metal band from Norway, created by Morfeus (ex-Limbonic Art, ex-Mayhem, Viper Solfa).

The Norwegians have released a new album last year under the name of This Mechanical World. Starting by the title and then the whole album suggests that all is about the world we live in, a world where everything means technology, we are lead day by day by this, maybe is this a good thing or a bad thing and of course, we can hardly get rid of it. A song that points this very well is ‘’Technogoat’’ where the lyrics are very suggestive: we are like sheep/goats, many times innocent and we are lead by technology because that can do many stuffs in our place.
Comparing with the band’s previous release (Does The Pain Excite You), TMW is more heavier, bit groovy, industrial elements which are my favorite ones.

Since I’ve discovered Dimension F3H, I liked their music since the beginning and listening to the previous albums, I was waiting to the new one a lot and the result of it is amazing. Great album!


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