Review: DIMMU BORGIR “Dimmu Borgir”

Review: DIMMU BORGIR “Dimmu Borgir”

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DIMMU BORGIR “Dimmu Borgir”
February 28th, 2017
Legacy Magazine

Symphonic black metal legends Dimmu Borgir will have at least two releases in 2017. One is “Dimmu Borgir”, compilation, given away for free with Legacy, German metal magazine (issue 02-2017 Nr. 107), and on April 28th via Nuclear Blast, band will release “Forces if the Northern Night”, double live CD which will include 17 songs.

Our point of interest here is compilation “Dimmu Borgir”.

It includes 6 songs:

  1. Dimmu Borgir
  2. Gateways
  3. Perfect Strangers
  4. The Heretic Hammer
  5. The Ancestral Fever
  6. Puritania

Orchestral versions of “Dimmu Borgir” and “Gateways” are originally released on the special “Abrahadabra” Box edition (2010, Nuclear Blast). “Perfect Strangers”, Deep Purple cover, is previously released as a Japan-only bonus track (“Abrahadabra”, 2010, Nuclear Blast). “The Herretic Hammer” and “The Astral Fever” are originally released on “In Sorte Diaboli” (2007, Nuclear Blast). The last one “Puritania” was recorded live, where else if not on Wacken?

Is there any sense of reviewing compilation albums? No!

So, this review is just an info for Dimmu Borgir fans who are desperattely waiting for a new album announced in late 2017.

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