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Doro - Strong And Proud - Artwork

Nuclear Blast Records, 24. 06. 2016.

Metal queen, Doro Pesch celebrates magnificent 30 years with triple DVD “Strong and Proud-30 Years of Rock and Metal” and CD “Strong And Proud”.

Doro started her long lasting career in hometown, Düsseldorf, Germany, singing in bands Snakebite and Beast And Attack. She made her breakthrough with Warlock in 1984. After 4 albums, and during the period she started writing new album, she has lost legal rights to use the band name and merchandise. After a long battle, in 2011, her rights have been regained.

Her career continues and 30 years after she is proud owner of 4 studio albums and 2 compilation albums with Warlock and 13 studio albums, 2 live albums and 7 compilation albums as Doro. Her legacy includes also a lot of music videos, video albums, tribute albums, bootlegs… She is also highly appreciated by her colleagues. The perfect proof of her respect among metal legends are, if I count well, over 60 duets.

Celebratory CD “Strong And Proud” contains 14 songs:
On The Run (Fear No Eviil, 2009),
Save My Soul (Force Majeure, 1989),
Raise Your Fist In The Air (Raise Your Fist, 2012),
Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden cover),
Revenge (Raise Your Fist, 2012),
Earthshaker Rock (Hellbound, 1985),
Without You (Burning The Witches, 1984),
Rock Till Death (Raise Your Fist, 2012),
Egypt (The Chains Are On) (Holy DIO: tribute to Ronnie James Dio, 2000),
Für Immer (Triumph And Agony, 1987),
Hellbound (Hellbound, 1985),
Balls To The Wall (Accept cover),
You’re My Family (Warrior Soul, 2006),
All We Are (Triumph And Agony, 1987).

This celebration would not be a perfect one if there are no guests. Blaze Bayley, Uli Jon Roth, Udo Dirkschneider and Chris Caffery joined Doro on stage.

Doro’s resistless German accent, her passion for metal, dedication to fans, hard work are more than reasons for long lasting successful career. I have never seen Doro live by now, but this album is perfect consolation.

All the best for the next 30 years, if not more.

(с) Ivona Bogner

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