Review: DORO “Triumph And Agony Live” [Rare Diamonds Productions]

Review: DORO “Triumph And Agony Live” [Rare Diamonds Productions]

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Doro has been the undisputed Queen Of Metal since her days as vocalist for Warlock and beyond, and even with her career in music spanning four decades, she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down any time soon. With a long standing solo career, Doro has a vast array of metal classics under her belt as a solo artist and this has continued throughout her career with her most recent solo record Forever Warriors, Forever United being released a few years ago. She still stays true to her roots though and has revisited those days with Warlock with her latest live album Triumph And Agony: Live.

The album sees Doro celebrating Warlocks 1987 album Triumph And Agony with a live performance of the songs and pays tribute to a pivotal point in the career of Warlock as it is an album that is packed full of metal anthems made by Warlock at their peak.

The performance features a full run through of the album, (albeit in a different order to how they were on the original album) and shows just how much Doro still holds the music of Warlock close to her heart. Tracks like “All We Are”, “East Meets West”, “Three Minute Warning”, “Cold, Cold World” and the closing blast of “All We Are” are delivered with energy and passion and the huge sounding ballads “Für Immer” and “Make Time For Love” demonstrates perfectly the diversity of the music of Doro and Warlock.

This is a live album that salutes a pivotal time in both the career of Doro and of Warlock and by giving the songs on Triumph And Agony a fresh and passionate airing, it undoubtedly gives them a new lease of life, saluting the last and looking at the future and when all is said and done, no one does it quite like the Queen Of Metal herself, Doro.

Release date: September 24, 2021

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