Review: DRUDKH / GRIFT “Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar”

Review: DRUDKH / GRIFT “Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar”

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Drudkh-Grift-1500x1500px-300dpi-RGBDRUDKH / GRIFT
Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar
SOM – Underground Activists

Greetings to all fans of folk and atmospheric black-metal with new Drudkh and Grift split release! This time Drudkh‘s partner was the little-known one-men project from Sweden. The split Betrayed by the Sun/Hägringar was quite long expected, so on September 16th bands’ fans immediately left everything and plunged into listening to those small released plum.

Why small? The album lasts 40 minutes, but the songs last for 9-10 minutes each one (just in the best traditions of the genre) so each band released only two songs. Besides, both two Drudkh‘s songs were presented to the public before the release.

Famous dark-landscapers Drudkh chose Ukrainian poets lyrics, this time that is Bohdan-Ihor Antonych and Michael Johansen. The first song “His Twenty-Fourth Spring” – written in Antonych’s poetry. His verses are incredibly light, delicate and pastel, I couldn’t even imagine them to be suggested for black-metal band, but why not? Landscapes depicted by imagination are extremely similar while reading and listening. Moreover, music completes those strokes, which would not be done in the usual reading.

The second track “Autumn in Sepia”, which uses a poem by Michael Johansen fit into your autumn depression, as has always been with you on these dull days. Be careful, because there is also hidden aggression, which can disturb your apathetic mood. This song is not for tearful ceiling contemplation. Rather, it is designed for meditation over autumn landscapes.

The first Grift‘s song is “Källen”. It begins with a quiet splattering of rain stick , and then gradually grows in melodic composition decorated chaotic vocals and original melodies.

Composition “Cirkeln” (“Circle”)- is almost waltz. Anyway, I would really like to dance it on the parquet of fallen leaves while listening to this composition. The measured rhythm and solo guitar’s subtle melodic line makes the song sound gently until the music and vocals explode.

The album can be called highly successful. It is black, it is full of atmosphere, the melodies are catchy, and most importantly – the spirit of old school is strongly presented, which is so appreciated by fans of the genre.

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