Review: DUST BOLT “Mass Confusion”

Review: DUST BOLT “Mass Confusion”

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DustBolt_CMYKDUST BOLT “Mass Confusion”
Napalm Records

German thrash-school influenced on metal not less than American. Also «Dreigestirn des Thrash» (Kreator, Sodom и Destruction) contributed  to thrash-metal not less than Big Four. So it would be logical to assume that there will appear new thrash bands in Germany. Although, with nowadays trends, these bands are surprising more and more. Dust Bolt is exactly this kind of surprising band.

Dust Bolt was formed in 2006, in Bavarian town Lansberg am Lech. Four very young musicians started to play punk under some different bandname. At the same time these guys increased their playing techniques and soon they’d changed style and the name. Dust Bolt gained attention very soon, playing with such bands like Sepultura and Hypocrisy. In 2010 their first demo Chaos Posession was released. Metal Hammer Germany called it «Demotape of the Month» and after that the band played their first European tour with Six Feet Under. Soon Dust Bolt wins the Wacken Metal Battle Germany and went to Wacken Open Air. So, on June, 8 the third album Mass Confusion will be released.

The album contains 11 songs which  imbued with the spirit of old-school thrash.

Mass Confusion starts with lightning-fast and furious “Sick X Brain”, which is great for intro in an album like this and set the right mood. Self-titled “Mass Confusion” refers more  to early Slayer. “Taking your last breath” and  “Portrait of Decay” are great songs with great guitar riffs, fastest drums and vocalist that screams lyrics fast between riffs and solos. It’s all according to canons.

Interesting intro with polyphony, more inherent to beach rock’n’roll in “Mind the Gap” changing with fine crossover and fierce drums.

Also there is a place for some acoustic guitars: “Allergy” intro and nearly «ballad» “Exit”. However, not all the songs played in slow tempo with acoustic intro and outro are ballads. Rather it is very dark and slow composition.

The album ends with “Masters of War”.  Again there is some acoustic intro, moreover with some jazz notes (which is not diminish its gloomy). After a minute and a half it blows up with heavy sound, but soon it turns to acoustic and fade out slowly.

For summing it can be said only one thing: if «Thrash till death» is not some empty words for you, don’t miss this album!

Mass Confusion will be released on June, 8 by Napalm Records.



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