Review: Edguy “Monuments”

Review: Edguy “Monuments”

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Edguy “Monuments”
Nuclear Blast records

How many of you Metalheads know kids who are playing in dad’s basements or garages dreaming of making own music and touring around the world?


And how many of you Metalheads know and of those bands whose dream really came true?


This is the story of five best 14 years old friends from small town of Fulda, Germany, who formed the band after their physics teacher’s nickname. Their names are Tobias Sammet, Jens Ludwig, Dirk Sauer and Dominik Storck. Or simply Edguy.

From the time they started playing since today the band had only two personal changes: in the year of 1992, Tobias Exxel and Felix Bohnke joined the band.

Quarter of the century later, Edguy is celebrating anniversary.

25 years in 23 songs might be the hard task. Peace of cake! So, to make this task harder, they offered us 5 brand news songs: Ravenblack, Wrestle the Devil, Open Sesame, Landmarks and The Mountaineer.

Ravenblack was released as the first single. Mind blowing song, and as Tobias Sammet said, maybe one of the best Edguy songs ever. I agree.

Wrestle the Devil brings us back to 80es sound. Little bit of hard rock-heavy metal can not harm you.

Opening riffs of Open Sesame might make you wonder did you put Saxon album in your CD player. But as soon as it comes to mumbo jumbo, you will easily recognize the Napoleon of the rock, Tobias Sammet himself.

Landmarks and The Mountaineer are like the blast from the past. In Landmarks Bohnke simply shines! Listening opening riffs of The Mountaineer you have no need to absolute hearing power to recognize obvious Kai Hansen influence.

I would like to mention Reborn in the Waste, previously unpublished song from Savage Poetry. This one sounds raw, primitive from this distance, but this song is the perfect indicator of band’s evolution.

It is perfectly clear that Edguy had hard task when they were working on this collection. Always, but always, some of us fans will complain cause some particular song did not find its own place, so have I. I have an objection on this collection! No songs from their first release Kingdom of Madness!

With Tobias Sammet everything needs to be bigger, better, glitzier, bombastic, fantastic…His energy is infectious. His creativity is beyond reality. With spontaneity, herr Sammet bought hearts of many metal fans and his colleagues. 25 years long fairytale is not over yet. It will be continued… The Best Of The Best Tour awaits

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***Just when I wanted to send this review to my editor, something crossed my mind: does the teacher after whom Edguy was named remembers his students?