Review EMPHERIS “Ye Olde Varsovia” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review EMPHERIS “Ye Olde Varsovia” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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EMPHERIS “Ye Olde Varsovia”
Bestial Invasion records

So we’re in my, as some people use to say, old country. EMPHERIS comes from the capitol of Poland – Warsaw. Band exists many years, by the way. The fact is that they were born in 2003, but in fact it was only their rebirth. Originally EMPHERIS (as ERIS) was formed in middle of 90’s. This episode took only more or less two and an half year, but fact is a fact. Anyway, this band has something common with already reviewed by me DOMINANCE. No, it’s not about music. Well, both bands play Metal, but… That’s about unluckiness. Here was even more changes of line-up than in case of Italians. In fact turnout on some gigs in which I participated (as so called normal fan) was less than number of all ex-musicians of EMPHARIS… aahhahahahahaha… So that’s nothing strange in fact that they released only two albums – “Ancient Necrostorms” (2007) and “Regain Heaven” (2008). Besides there was countless number of demos, EPs and splits. They participated also in a compilation “Gods of Goats – A Tribute to Venom” released in 2007 by MetalruleZ Productions. That’s why the band is known only to maniacs of underground.

I afraid that it’s only, or in the best way: mostly, about Polish underground. And we have to tell it loud: this is shame, big shame! Well, it’s not about originality of this band or stuff like that. I’d say that even contrary. Our friends play rather easy music, follow well-worn musical road. Somebody could say that it’s a band like hundreds or even thousands other around the entire world, that here’s nothing special. And you know what?!? That’s right!!! But in this formulaic, commonplace or how you want to call it approach to the matter lays power of EMPHERIS!!! This is just, as also musicians call it, Blackened Death/Thrash Metal and that’s it (by the way, I never liked when musicians was calling creating by themselves music with some complicated and unclear terms – it was always for me like “we must show to all how smart we’re”). We’ll don’t find here any technical displays or other fancy patents. NO FUCKIN’ WAY!!! Here’s from the first to the last note just a playing forward and on the topic as we used to call it in late 80’s and early 90’s when I was teenager, to tell it easier: THIS IS JUST A REAL MOTHERFUCKIN’ METAL.

Guys don’t care about some complicated riffs, various vocal’s line (even if it’s absolutely not changeless!) and so on! But if somebody thinks that it’s boring than I have to disappoint this person. Maybe it’s about my age, but I can listen to it again and again and again… To be honest not only to listen to, but also make never-ending headbanging; the best I’d also mosh, but since I write this review… So I’m sure that on this gig under the stage was total inferno, even if I hear that there weren’t billions of people! Anyway, after the sound I can hear that it was real underground gig for real maniacs. And I just love this sound!!! Thanks to it I can feel almost like I’d be there. For me live-albums should sound just like that and I’ll never change my mind in this point!

I could analyze here riffs, drum’s work, Adrian’s growling and structure of every single song and so on and so on… But why the hell should I do it?!? Isn’t it better just to listen to “Ye…” and get to know all this?!? In my opinion that’s just like that!!! If you know this band than you know very well what I’m talking about. If you don’t know them than and like mentioned above playing you should as fast as possible amend this huge error!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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