Review: ESSENCE OF DATUM “Nevermore”

Review: ESSENCE OF DATUM “Nevermore”

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Belarusian scene was always, and I afraid that still is, unknown and anonymous for many people. This is shame in my opinion because there were, are and I’m sure that will born and exist in the future very good bands. I know that this isn’t as big as Ukrainian or Polish ones, but fans of every sub-genre of Metal will find something interesting on it. I could use some names here, but I wouldn’t do it. It’ll be better if you’ll fight for it a little, dig and find it by yourselves!

I don’t know when exactly ESSENCE OF DATUM was born, but it had to be at least few months before August 13th, 2012 when the band presented to the world debut demo ‘I am Alpha and Omega’. Then there were debut album ‘Event Horizon’ and ‘Promo 2015’. Anyways, only ‘I am Alpha and Omega’ was released on CD – other three stuffs guys just published in digitally. Well, this is real mystery who participated in recording of the first release ever because all members (both current and past) began their adventure with ESSENCE OF DATUM from ‘Event Horizon’ or later. However, second full-length contains eight instrumental songs which is typical for this ensemble. Frankly I can very hardly imagine vocals in music played by these three guys (only a drummer plays in other bands – very different from what we have to do here with). This is very technical, massive music. But ‘massive’ doesn’t mean here the same as ‘fast’ or even more ‘brutal’. This is more about frequency of riffs’ changes and several technical (what is not only about guitar) tricks. Generally, this is very hard to describe this music. Guys wrote on their ‘blue f’: “Instrumental prog trio from Minsk, Belarus”. Well, but it says not too much, don’t it? By the way, I can hear here elements of Rock (this Acid one, first of all), Metal (there’re not so many of them, at least seemingly), but also Jazz as well. Everything’s eclectic and surely this isn’t easy-going creativity. I mean, you need to be concentrated on what you listen to – then you’re able to appreciate all technique, music imagination and so on!

Music like that always was, is and will always be dedicated to rather small number of listeners. But I know that representative of such ‘fucked in head’ individuals between Metalheads is quite huge and bigger than between fans of other kinds of music, so I’m sure that there’ll be many of you who’ll want to get know this band! In my opinion ESSENCE OF DATUM is worth of pay attention on it. I’m not some true blue fan of such playing, but listen to it with pleasure. Other thing is that I’ll probably don’t do it very often.

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