Review: Evadne “A Mother Named Death”

Review: Evadne “A Mother Named Death”

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Evadne “A Mother Named Death”
Solitude Productions

Valencia is third most populous and one of the oldest cities in Spain. It was founded in Roman period, c. 138 before Nazarene. Then history was even more fascinating and complicated as well. So there’re really many sights. Anyways, Valencia is also one of main centers of Metal community in the country. There exist many bands playing all kinds of our beloved music you can only imagine. One of them is EVADNE who exists since 17 years. Well, the fact is that first three years the band had other name (HEXEPROZESSE), but names’ changes happen sometimes, doesn’t it?!?

So as you can see this is experienced band, even if ‘A Mother Named Death’ is only their third album and fifth release ever. Well, judging from this stuff guys just care more about music’s quality than releasing stuffs every single year. In my opinion this is very good approach to the matter, by the way. Guys say about their creativity that it’s “based in melancholy, a devoted desperate attempt to set a proper soundtrack to the human beings deepest and saddest feelings.” So you probably know very well what to expect. Yes, this is another proof that Doom/Death is coming back in glory.  I mean this classic one with growling as main vocal. There’re some fragments of clean or female singing, but Albert uses pure Death Metal way of vocalize. Music is melodic, but a lot of riffs are heavy as well. They don’t change too often, aren’t very complicated and you’ll don’t hear any displays here. But in the same time it happens quite a lot on this field in music of Valencia’s residents. To put long story short, Marc and Josan do good job, make together with vocal this specific sad and melancholic climate. Joan beats rather variable as on kind of music we have to do with.  Jose’s bass is also well-hearable.

To sum up all fans of, as EVADNE’s members wrote usual bands of the 90’s. Since we all know what it means in case of Doom/Death Metal I’ll don’t name them. I can only tell you that it’s more like “Turn Loose the Swans” than for example “Gothic”. This full-length is a proof that you don’t need any (even more huge number of) strange instruments to create sadness, melancholy and stuff like that in music. This is also proof that such music can be brutal and sound like Metal.

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