Review: Exorcismo “Exorcise and Steal” [Narcoleptica Productions]

Review: Exorcismo “Exorcise and Steal” [Narcoleptica Productions]

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Exorcismo are a young band of Brazilians that have been around for about a decade, but didn’t get their debut record Exorcise And Steal out until earlier this year. Like almost every thrash metal band from this area, they very much resemble Sepultura in their vocal delivery as well as writing style. Particularly, this is basically Beneath The Remains worship that holds a little more muscle in the production area but lacks the death metal feel that was brought on fairly strong. That said, it should come as no surprise that there are seldom signs of melody and more focus on rhythm.

The backbone of this is made from vigorous speed and guitars that focus on a very deep tone with a little bit of warmth to it. Atop of this are vocals that are more belted out in fragments of raspy yelling than sung, but not so far as to say they’re screamed or growled either. The plan of attack varies. Some songs, such as “Disgrace And Terror” come through a bit more chopped up and served in pieces. By that, I mean that there are evident verses that follow the same pattern, but then veer off into other territory (this one in particular has a soft/clean section). Solos are typically utilized as rebound and finish the longer, less punchy songs.

Other songs are straight to the point, such as “Dump Of Death”. Picture a ball of speed with a lot of rumbling rhythms that like to stick to the lower end of the fretboard and keep it hellish sounding. Backing this style are drums that mix in blast beats and thunderous speed driven snares. One big flaw with that is that the snare tone echos a bit too much, and shoots through so loudly that it almost shadows out the rest of the songs. What’s heard isn’t bad, and the tracks are produced well as far as removing noise, except with the drums.

This brand of thrash is a little bit harder to find memorable, as a lot of it is one sided and formulaic. Due to the slight alterations in writing, it’s not entirely stagnant. There’s clear thought and skill, but it just isn’t a full on attention grabber and may take a few listens to get into. What is played is certainly fiery enough to get the fists pumping and the pits jumping.

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