Review: Expander “Neuropunk Boostergang” [Profound Lore Records]

Review: Expander “Neuropunk Boostergang” [Profound Lore Records]

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Combining a swirling psychedelia with very danceable grooves, Austin Texas’ Expander unleashes a wild torrent of metallic punk rock that sets it apart from just about anyone on the scene today.

Musically eclectic, Neuropunk Boostergang takes a little work to wrap your head around. A vague feel of early White Zombie, hangs over the release, but never approaching that of being derivative. Influences vary wildly, with synthesizers laying down a few nice melodies while guitars fight a battle between groovy riffing and frantic chaos. Drums are thrashy, with mile a minute gallops taking dominance through much of the album’s run time.

Vocals will be the biggest take away here, with the distinctive and ever changing styles really catching the listener’s ear. From shouted preacher vibes to a slimy growl, there are some serious acrobatics going on. It’s a strange approach, but not a turn off at all. Very interesting stuff.

It’s honestly pretty hard to listen to this one sitting down. It’s a bouncer. Musically, this one demands a live audience. Maybe I’ve just been missing the live concert experience, but I can envision the motions of the crowd quite clearly just listening to it. And goddamn does it seem like a good time.

All in all, Expander delivers on all areas with Neuropunk Boostergang. It’s heavy, it’s fun, and it will keep you guessing throughout its forty three minutes run time. This ones a winner for me, I think you’ll be pleased with it as well.

Release date: August 21st 2020

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