Review: Expunged “Into Never Shall” [Hells Headbangers Records]

Review: Expunged “Into Never Shall” [Hells Headbangers Records]

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Here’s a vicious piece of blackened death/thrash metal, with some interesting ideas but a rather uneven set of songs.

This album has an interesting title, and starts with a promising eerie intro with dark-sounding riffs and sound effects. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is not always as memorable, suffering from ideas not always as well exploited as they should be, and a loss of energy somewhere in the middle.

Despite that, it still has some very good points, so this review is going to spend more time on that. “Gas Attack”, the first track after the intro, is a fiery blast with ferocious growls and gloomy spoken words. Like the best parts of the album, it feels like a nice update on the early 90s death metal sound. Other tracks like “Drown in Fire” and “Torn Apart” sound fierce and have a nice guitar solo. “Early Tragic End” and “Architects of Oblivion” are heavy and majestic.

A lot of tracks at this point in the album tend to sound too similar, but there still are a few that really stand out: the title track, with its fast, evil riffs, evil growls, and the super-heavy and angry “Stolen Life”.

This album is far from perfect, often repetitive and not always having the right amount of energy. But it has some real potential. When it shines, it sounds just heavy and mean enough, and it does remind me of old school death metal bands, but it sounds good enough to feel like more than a boring retread of the past. It’s not an album you absolutely need to hear, but it’s still a pretty good one if you’re in the right mood for it.

Release date: July 30, 2021

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