Review: Extinction “The Apocalypse Mark” [Revalve Records]

Review: Extinction “The Apocalypse Mark” [Revalve Records]

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Now that the world seems to be ending, let’s have some nice apocalyptic thrash metal. This album seems to be all about disaster and apocalyptic things, from its intro, a sort of news report about a parasite/tracking device, to its heavy sound that creates images of destruction and death.

I love how well it portrays the idea of disasters and the end of the world, through the music. The riffs are fast and threatening, they could easily be described as explosive, or as evil. They are explosive on the intro to The Apocalypse Mark, where the riffs suddenly hit you at full force right after the screaming at the end of the album intro Subcutaneous Parasite. And sometimes, they are somewhat slower but heavier and threatening like on No Crimes in Paradise, or slightly sinister and twisted like on Mad Jack. In the solos, which are always faster and higher than the intro riffs, there is a sense of urgency and madness.

In the solos, and in the intro of songs like Staged Terror Attack, the riffs sometimes get lighter and livelier, but they don’t sound happy. Or rather, this album sounds fun and energized, but in a dark, the-world-is-ending, adrenaline-rising way.

Sometimes, the songs can get even heavier, like the sinister beginning of Hidden Dictature, or Become a Robot, which has the heaviest solo, or Hell Behind the Screen, which is the heaviest track and has the angriest vocal performance.

The vocals also really establish this apocalyptic atmosphere. The vocalist uses mostly a threatening low-pitched roar, or sometimes a higher growl that sounds way more evil and twisted, with also a few hoarse shouts thrown in there. Either way, they sound disgusted and angry at everything they describe. The higher and more screamed vocals almost sound crazy.

OK, maybe apocalypse-themed thrash metal bands are a bit overdone, but this one is pretty entertaining. As I said, it succeeds in creating an apocalyptic tone, and the riffs and vocals are pretty good. I’d say all tracks are as good as each other. They don’t blend together at all, and each has a few nice things to offer. This album is a pretty good way to have fun during dark times.

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