Review: Fear Factory “Re-Industrialized” [Nuclear Blast]

Review: Fear Factory “Re-Industrialized” [Nuclear Blast]

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Ready for another album of Fear Factory remixes, this time of their 2012 album The Industrialist? It may not be the most interesting remix album, but it’s still a very enjoyable slice of furious industrial metal.

Unlike Recoded, these re-recordings are more or less identical to their originals. Luckily, that means they keep what was good about the original. For example, The Industrialist has the same heavy, groovy riffs and chanted “Power to kill! Death to free will!” hook. It’s still a very nice intro to the album. Virus of Faith and Disassemble are also very catchy pieces of industrial/groove metal. New Messiah re-uses some of the same riffs, but it’s very heavy and imposing. Meanwhile Recharger is more melodic, with a catchy chorus with clean singing and vocalizing. Difference Engine also combines heavy riffs with nice synths and a melodic chorus. God Eater has some interesting synths and distorted vocals. Depraved Mind Murder has even more of that, creating a dark atmosphere with its weird industrial sounds, heavy riffs and chanted-screamed vocals. Enhanced Reality is different from the other songs, being more of an industrial power ballad.

Basically, everything that could be said for the first 11 tracks of the album could be said for the original. So let’s discuss the bonus tracks. We have two remixes, of Recharger and Difference Engine respectively, and three new tracks. The Recharger remix is made of industrial sounds, with the guitars pushed to the background and more distorted and distant-sounding vocals. Difference Engine is now more distorted with weird sounds, basically what most people imagine when they hear the word “remix”. Both remixes are interesting, I guess, but not something you absolutely need to hear.

As for the new songs, Landfill is similar to the Difference Engine remix, with distorted, distant vocals and industrial sounds, but with more guitars and a darker atmosphere. Saturation is a more remarkable track, with heavy riffs and chanting-screaming vocals, proclaiming things like “I travel through fire/I will not succumb”. Passing Complexion is the real highlight of the bonus tracks, with a complex and immediately catchy main riff, and lyrics about a white-passing biracial man who ends up committing hate crimes due to not being accepted by any community. It’s an interesting idea, unfortunately it’s only explored in one song.

Of course, all these Fear Factory remix albums are just one way to pass the time before they find a new singer and record a real new album. And I think Recoded was the better remix album, because it actually tried new things and sounded more enjoyable overall. But the most interesting thing about Re-Industrialized is the bonus tracks. The original album was pretty good, so this is why this re-release is also somewhat enjoyable. But even if it’s enjoyable, you can do without it.

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