Review: FLOGGING MOLLY “Life Is Good”

Review: FLOGGING MOLLY “Life Is Good”

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Vanguard / Spinefarm Records

Away from the world of Metal, I have quite varied tastes. One of my lists on Spotify is called my Hey Nonny Nonny list.. maybe not the best name in the world, but it’s pretty obvious what the contents are… the likes of Flatfoot 56, The Tossers, Dropkick Murphys, and of course Flogging Molly… and not forgetting, Mr. Irish Bastard…

My knowledge, of what I guess you call Celtic Punk, is almost zero… but if I like a song, I just add it to my list.

So obviously I had to look like I knew what I was talking about for this review, so I did my usual run of research for the album. The biggest surprise I found is that Flogging Molly is headed up by ex-Fastway singer, Dave King…

As you’d expect, this is a million miles away from his work with Fast Eddie Clarke and very briefly, Pete Way.

If you’ve not heard Flogging Molly before, what you get are fast jigs, slower, more… well, very Irish sounding bits…, soulful, heartfelt acoustics, and top that off with a Punk attitude and bags of energy. The music is irresistible and it’ll come as no surprise that the band have 1.2m followers on Facebook.

This is the bands 6th album in the past 17 or so years and it really is a mark of a band on top of their game. I drifted into this kind of music via The Men They Couldn’t Hang in the mid 80s and this just elevates that style way beyond anything else I’ve heard, for the genre.

So if you’re one of those blinkered Metal fans, as there quite a few of you out there, go give this a listen with an open mind… it’s good, attitude filled, fun. Kind of like a Cetlic version of Korpiklaani, if you need a point of reference.

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