Review: FØG “La niebla de las ánimas” [Australis records]

Review: FØG “La niebla de las ánimas” [Australis records]

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What do we know about Chile, this South American country stuck between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Cordillera? Not much! Oh sure, Allende or Pinochet remind something to the older ones among us but really not much news come to us from this country. And yet FØG composed of two diehard Chileans land on the metal planet with an excellent album “Oscura niebla de las animas“, which, i admit it, left me perplexed and still questions me as the musical guideline can seem confusing.

So I must confess something to you, your humble servant will review his judgment, the first time I heard it, I threw the album in the trash bin, telling me that it was really rubbish! It must be said that I had only listened some brutal death metal and black metal for the last 24 hours, this may explain my first impression. Then, as I am not narrow minded, in the peaceful night, I listened the album again in its entirety, by accepting myself to be carried by the music. The fact remains that I will be a very demanding judge, because one does not claim to be positively noticed without suffering the wrath of criticism.

Singing in the Hispanic language is not an obstacle, it even provides a certain originality which sticks very well to the melodies and the poetry they convey.

The music is original and will speak to souls in search of bliss but also savagery, because the nature of all feeling is both beautiful and wild. The only criticisms that we could make is that we are sometimes slow to get into the heart of the matter but the magic still works, in the long run. That’s definitely the strength of the band, being able to speak to every type of audience, because at one point or another this music speaks to everyone as long as you are not obtuse.

The musicians are at the service of their music, the orchestrations, arrangements are really of good quality (different sometimes from some albums listened). The alternation of dark rhythms with melodies gripping the soul are fully and totally effective. It is exactly the same for this winning combination of clear voices and growls with sometimes the first one in the background. Listening to this album we set off on a truly unexpected journey, full of mysteries but transcending every human being!

With this music we are at the crossroads of so many different styles, doom and black metal in small quantities, a certain amount of melodic progressive death metal passages and a big dose of ambient and progressive. In my opinion it is all the originality of these compositions.

According to my emotional preferences, the flagship titles are: “Contemplacion“, “Destierro“, “Ayün“, “Eterno Sentir” but the whole album deserves to be mentioned.

Release date: December 28th, 2020

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