Review: Furfur “Ce Foutu Corbeau”

Review: Furfur “Ce Foutu Corbeau”

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Furfur “Ce Foutu Corbeau”

Well, guys, I’m back. Looking back in history, France always got a taste and a rich culture. In music, precisely in black metal too. Today I am introducing you a new one man band called Furfur, lead by Berith. As far as I know by the infos got on the net he has also been in another band called Morbid Winter. As I said before, France has a very kvlt Black metal scene: you already know Epuration Satanique, LLN, Sale Freux, Voqkrre, Mutiilation, Seigneur Voland and many others. I found Furfur a couple of months ago on bandcamp and after on facebook. Really an interesting one man band, very sharp raw and primitive guitar sound. Also I can hear a bit some mixed influences by Sale Freux and Saatkrahe. Some very slow acoustic melodies in the middle of some tracks. In fact I really like this band not only because of the simplicity and the originality is sharing on Black Metal scene but listening and re-listening it I see the production is really very good. The sound is clear, all demos are great. Let’s say it. Let’s accept it. I have listened to demo entitled ‘I am The Fog’ and it’s super excellent. I really enjoyed it. This last demo is fully enforced with some raw sound and acoustic melancholic melodies which exactly reminds Sale Freux and Saatkrahe. “La Nuit Des Rats” is the case, melancholic melodies, lost in the empty fields of an empty memory and an empty conscience. Yes, this is the last track but if you check well since the beginning you will really find that greedy and raw precision on playing Black Metal on a very triple ways riffing, very dark and raw. Just listen to “Ce Foutu Corbeau”. It is really a great track. The drums is keeping very precise way, devastating and exploding your ears. It is TRVE. The demo is all about hate, misanthropy and melancholy. Very horrific,trve and absolutely great riffs. Guys check this one man band: Furfur is really a band to keep an eye on.

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