Review: GOATH “Luciferian Goath Ritual”

Review: GOATH “Luciferian Goath Ritual”

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GOATH “Luciferian Goath Ritual”
Ván Records

Barbaric, relentless and ruthless would be some words to describe Goath and their new offering “Luciferian Goath Ritual”. Through the ten songs that are on this release you get pummeled by grimy and gritty blackened death metal and once you press play you enter a chaotic and flesh tearing listen. You can’t do much to escape the maelstrom that is “Luciferian Goath Ritual” once you begin listening as Goath plays at mach ten speeds all throughout that is propelled by slithering riffs, tumultuous drumming and writhing bass lines. Ultimately what you get with this release is a neck breaking and head spinning listen that keeps you coming back for more blasphemy.

Each song on this record has a raw and powerful sound to it that shreds your ear drums and gets you headbanging along right from the beginning. It is undeniable how potent and terrifying that “Luciferian Goath Ritual” is, and even though the songs are chaotic, it is a controlled chaos. Nothing on this release is out of place and Goath keeps everything in check so it doesn’t sound like they are completely flying off the rails. In pure disdain for human life, Goath does their best to rip your soul right out of your body with this new album and you aren’t careful that just might happen.

The longer run times on this record allow Goath the time to shred you to pieces methodically and without hesitation. Goath bulldozes along from song to song doing their very best to put you in a shallow and damp grave. This record is a twisting mass of blackened death that leaves the earth scorched and leaves people soulless wherever you are listening to this malevolent creation. The more that you listen the further and further you can see the light fading away from your life right before you are pulled asunder to the darkened depths of hell.

“Luciferian Goath Ritual” has a massive and raw sound to it that will certainly blow out your speakers as well as shred your ear drums. This release needs to be played at the highest of volumes until your entire neighborhood can hear it, otherwise you just aren’t doing it justice. This record of pure molten darkness and hell fire is a great listen that is sure to snap your neck and have you headbanging until you have permanent brain damage.

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