Review: Grand Magus “Wolf God” [Nuclear Blast Records]

Review: Grand Magus “Wolf God” [Nuclear Blast Records]

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Since the release of their very first album, Grand Magus gained attention of many metalheads. And with every next release their fanbase became larger and larger. Started from Stoner and Groove, the band goes to the Doom Metal and then to Heavy. Also, Grand Magus didn’t forget their Groove roots, giving many interesting riffs to the world. And now the time has come for their ninth album Wolf God.

An album includes nine songs and one pompous intro “Gold And Glory” that sounds more like intro to some pseudo-historical movie or series and seems quite a cliché. After that goes the main song “Wolf God” middle-pace epic with heavy riff and strong rhythm section.

Middle tempo prevails in this album, but there are some fast songs: catchy “A Hall Clad Of God” and melodic “Spear Thrower”. The last one will definitely get into Grand Magus concert’s playlist, I’m sure, because it’s great for crowd’s sing alone.

As I mentioned above, the band don’t forget its Doom and Groove roots also. “Brother Of The Storm” remains Black Sabbath with its performance and structure; also the main riff in this song is very similar to Pantera‘s one. Final song “Untamed” is also more Groove than Heavy, with some quite memorable riff.

Nevertheless, there are some lacks in Wolf God: “He Sent Them All To Hel” is rhythmical, very smooth but absolutely filler that doesn’t stands out with nothing. The slowest one “Glory To The Brave” musically not bad at all, especially bass and drums lines, but the name… Are you serious? I think, Hammerfall would be pretty surprised.

To sum up, Wolf God sounds like Black Sabbath, Dio, Manowar, Judas Priest and in the same time it’s nothing of that. Yes, it’s definitely Heavy Metal with all its clichés, patterns and other things, which was already played many times by many bands, but in the same time this music has something new, even it’s not radically new. Yeah, some kind of dualism from Grand Magus.

Wolf God was released on April, 19-th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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