Review: Grave Upheaval “untitled”

Review: Grave Upheaval “untitled”

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Grave Upheaval “untitled” Nuclear War Now! Productions

How to make the reviewers job doubly difficult in one easy lesson. Don’t give your album a title, and fuck it, do the same for the song titles too. That’ll fuck with their heads… gee, thanks Grave Upheaval.

The bits I can tell you… this is album number two for the Aussies and I’ve said my second fact already – they’re Australian.

Musically, this is an under produced seething pit of Doom with a Black/Death rumble fighting to break free of its restraints. Some bands like to record everything in a forest. So if you told me that this album was recorded under 10 feet of fog, I’d believe you.

It has a horrible, dank, dirty feel, and I presume that’s exactly what the band were hoping for. Just be thankful that no one has invented a scratch and sniff digital download, as this would smell of rotten cellars and hemp ropes from your local fishing port (I grew up by the sea and the smell that stands out, still, is the dirty old ropes hanging up at the end of the pier)

Vocal wise, lots of gruffness and growling and a maniacal twist on the third track, with some crazy screams, but also some calmness, which almost sounds like chanting.

And would I have listened to this album through choice, were it not in my review pile? Probably not, but I will counter that with saying that the construction of the album is very interesting and it’s strangely addictive.

There’s no point me telling you “III” sounds better than “IV”, because that’s just fucking stupid. But overall, this is so depressing and dark, it would liven up the Fritzel family re-union. And that’s all you need to know.

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