Review: Greengoat “A.I.” [Argonauta Records]

Review: Greengoat “A.I.” [Argonauta Records]

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Greengoat is a psychedelic doom metal duo from Spain, formed in 2021. A.I. is their debut full-length album, released two years after their debut EP in 2022. The album opener, “Void,” serves as an introduction with a futuristic ambient style and intriguing lyrics:

“A robot may not injure a human being or,
through inaction,
allow a human being to come to harm.
A robot must obey orders
given it by human beings
except where such orders
would conflict with the First Law.
A robot must protect its own existence
as long as such protection
does not conflict
with the First or Second Law.”

As you can see, the album title, the opener track title, and its lyrics speak for themselves. Greengoat explores deep, contemporary themes involving AI, robots, and electronics. These topics are quite interesting to me because they allow for deep exploration. Right after I finished listening to A.I., I realized that these themes blend perfectly with psych doom metal!

The album contains eight tracks, and what I like most is its structure. Greengoat did a really decent job composing and recording a non-monotonous album where each track is distinct from the others. In this case, you can’t predict what’s coming next, which is really exciting when listening to music like this. Some tracks have slow rhythms, while others are powerful and energetic, like “Human,” with its twisted yet catchy rhythms and a freezing guitar solo. One of my favorites is “Naraka I,” played in a more classical doom metal style with dense, Black Sabbath-like guitars, almost pitched emotive vocals, and captivating tempo changes! “Naraka II” is another impressive track, resembling a “heavier, distorted version” of Pink Floyd. There’s no time to rest for your mind while listening to this album! Sometimes there are clear stoner metal influences, and at other times even sludgy elements; overall, the sound is quite rich!

All in all, A.I. is a powerful album within the genre, blending experimental and classical elements while remaining fuzzy and doomy. I recommend this album to all psych doom metal fans and look forward to hearing more from the band in the future!

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