Review: HAEMA “Insurrection” [Sliptrick records]

Review: HAEMA “Insurrection” [Sliptrick records]

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Here we have a young band from middle England. I found only the name of a shire as their place of origin, actually. So I think they all, or at least some of them, live outside Northampton. Anyways, it was born in September 2015, so it’s as clear as a day that Insurrection is their debut stuff. Once there was an ensemble with the same name in Bulgaria. But this English one has absolutely nothing to do with them. Actually somehow I’m sure that guys have no idea about those Bulgarians.

Anyway, they call their creativity Heavy, Industrial, Groove. Well, this term is rather complicated and I guess it doesn’t mirror precisely what we have to do here with. I mean first two words because Groove surely it is, even if groove isn’t here synonym of modern (I use to hear such playing bands since PRONG era, even if there’re some quite huge differences between what we’re able to hear on Insurrection and mentioned above band), in meaning I understand this term. There’re also some touches of this electronic kind of Industrial or Heavy Metal – in some vocalizations, first of all, but you have to be concentrated to recognize them, especially that they’re rather short ones. Of course it can be connected with my Metal orthodoxy and only fucks like me will share my opinion. Riffs aren’t complicate, but change often enough, they’re also heavy and it doesn’t matter that I can find some touches of Heavy Metal quite hardly, at least this classic one in them. Well, maybe this is because of guitar tuning, way of playing and stuff like that and generally I’m wrong. Vocalizations are also mostly, hm, let’s say “groove”.

By the way, even if this isn’t absolutely my cup of beer and I doubt I’ll listen to it again. Well, maybe once a year if unexpectedly mood for something like that will come. I know that music like that has its fans. Yeah, guys don’t play anything technically super advanced or original, but I guess they do good job on their field – especially if we’ll face the fact that they play (as far as I know) not so long. There’re some fine ideas and if they’ll work hardly I can see a nice future for them.

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