Review: Hyperia “Insanitorium” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Hyperia “Insanitorium” [Sliptrick Records]

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There are not so much female fronted Thrash Metal bands. Somehow, historically, girls go to Symphonic Metal or straight to some extreme genres but for some reason they avoid Thrash Metal. Canadian band Hyperia from Calgary, Alberta, which released its debut LP Insanitorium not a long time ago is a rare exception.

Hyperia was formed not a long time ago, in 2018. A year later an EP Fish Creek Frenzy was released, then a couple of singles and now, in the beginning of 2020 their debut longplay, which includes the songs from EP and singles, have seen the day’s light. Also I was dishonest a little bit when I talked about Thrash Metal because Hyperia adds there some Power Metal and even some Death Metal elements. It sounds very interesting but there are also some lacks – I’ll talk about it later.

Insanitorium is based around the theme of being stuck in an insane asylum for committing evil crimes and having no way out. It deals with the idea of being stuck inside your head and the solitary (одиночный) state of living in asylum. This madness emphasized not only with lyrics but with vocals and music as well. Marlee Ryley nailed it perfectly: vocals are changing constantly from clean to harsh and aggressive extreme ones, where not only anger or ferocity can be heard but also despair and hysteria. Also it is not changes from song to song but a couple of times per track. Guitarists Colin Ryley and David Kupisz deliver fast, evil Thrash Metal riffs and melodic solos. Jordan Maguire’s drums are solid and fast too; time to time they go Death Metal with double pedal and blast beats, rapidly speeding up the tempo. Scott DeGruyter’s powerful bass goes to the forefront sometimes, adding some interesting details to the music. Altogether, the music is fast, solid, aggressive and sporadically melodic.

The main lack of the album is that a good idea of melting different genres the band is not always implemented seamlessly. I mean, there are some really good and successful songs like “Unleash The Pigs” or “Fish Creek Frenzy”, which I listened with pleasure a couple of times but there are also some songs where this mix didn’t worked quite well. Or rather the song seems like a creature of Victor Frankenstein: drums go Death Metal, rhythm guitar plays Thrash and solo goes to some Power Metal zone.

With this let’s not forget that it’s a debut album. And despite some lacks this is really original, interesting and very aggressive work. So I think this band should be noticed and it really worse to wait for their next album. Meanwhile enjoy the madness of a psycho, locked in solitary confinement. Take care of yourself.

Insanitorium was released on January, 14th via Sliptrick Records.


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