Review: Immolation “Acts of God” [Nuclear Blast]

Review: Immolation “Acts of God” [Nuclear Blast]

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Since 1988, New York’s finest death metal majesty Immolation had granted us an impressive track record of distinctive quality albums. Very recognizable thankfully first to bands founder/guitar player Robert Vigna˘s twisted atmospheric riffs and overall atmosphere, second to Ross Dolan’s beast vocals that just adds that extra layer of darkness.

Their 11th album Acts of God can be put equally high as Majesty and Decay and Close to the World Below albums. Walks a fine line between chaos and catchiness with that dark Immolation sound.

It works more fluidly then Atonement and Kingdom of Conspiracy and with 15 tracks the whole album got you hooked from An Act of God to The Apostle. As a fan of their older work it hits right at home to see Immolation tackle again with anti-religious topics, returning the vibe from Close to the World Below with Majesty and Decay production. It truly feels like a direct continuation.

Acts of God serves as the band’s longest record to date, with 52 minutes and the best part is, there are hardly any fillers here.

When a band releases an albums with 15 tracks the best case scenario it would that there are going to be one or two filler tracks that album could do without. In this album, I can barely find a few dull moments in songs like “Overtures of the Wicked” (although its biggest flaw is its huge similarity to the “God Complex” track from Kingdom of Conspiracy). But such things are corrected in tracks like “Immoral Stain” and “Incineration Procession”; a massive mid-tempo behemoth of a track that would be criminal offense if it’s not gonna be in the live set list.

Production is spot on, since Failures for Gods, Paul Orofino sits at the recording chair and it really shows, capturing all the band’s strengths and highlights. Same goes Zack Ohren who since Majesty and Decay album is giving the band the necessary sound polish.

Acts of God serves as an excellent culmination of the recent albums in the bands history with added flow and vibe of their older works. With 34 years of existence, Immolation is still going strong as ever and stands as one of the best death metal acts on there.

Strongly recommended.

Score: 90 / 100

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