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Crafting an incredibly varied sound, In the Company of Serpents delivers a mind expanding musical experience. Taking influence from life and the cosmos equally, Lux touches on themes far out yet grounded, giving listeners plenty to relate to and forging an intimate relationship with them. They are your guides through these philosophical lands. Will you allow them to show you what you’re meant to see?

Upon first listen it is immediately clear that Lux offers up a very unique sound. Taking a hard psych rock sounding and making it as heavy as possible, In the Company of Serpents at times comes across as a death metal Blue Oyster Cult. From ground shaking riffing to intimately picked ambience, these guys cover the full spectrum on this release.

What greatly impressed me about In the Company of Serpents on my introduction to their music was just how much thought went into crafting each layer. From incorporating musical instruments from a wide range of genres to the creative use of alternative tunings and frequencies to create the Aurora that this album strives for, Lux is a masterpiece of experimental metal, all the while keeping an easily accessible sound that can be enjoyed on any level.

Songs like the epic opener, The Fool’s Journey, feature colossal riffing and pounding beats alongside ethereal passages. The riffs, while heavy as can be, offer up a certain lilt of lightness, utilizing much more of the guitar’s fretboard than generally found in band’s of the like. The Chasm at the Mouth of the All features calming southern drawled speak singing and a hearty dose of western influenced musical passages.

Lux, as an album, works with that idea frequently, feeling equally comfortable utilizing black metal style picking alongside old school psych work to create a surreal experience for the listener. This isn’t always an easy album to listen to. It takes a lot of thought and consideration. The listener needs to commit themselves to the experience or be left behind. I think that for the people willing to allow this album to work, it can be a lifelong favorite. But you must entrust your journey to In the Company of Serpents. If you do, you’ll find yourself in great hands.

Release date: May 15th 2020

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