Review: Infernal Majesty “None Shall Defy” (1987)

Review: Infernal Majesty “None Shall Defy” (1987)

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Infernal Majesty ‘None Shall Defy’ (1987)
Roadracer Records

I remember when I heard this album for a first time, it was in ’89, I think. For that moment I didn’t listened to something heavier than Helloween and Manowar, so the music from my stereo became a real shocking thing. I didn’t imagine that somebody on this planet can play it so solid! I was crushed by a concrete slab. But with this I was seized by a wild exaltation, because my blood was boiled and I wanted to run, scream and bang my head because of adrenaline inflow. Generally, this music impressed me a lot and this album still one of my favorites in metal.

So, back to the album, because not everyone was so lucky to hear it in ’80s. This is a good, organic mix of thrash, death and black metal; quite extreme but also melodic. Guitars are great, bass is gorgeous (ending bass composition “Path Of The Psycho” is an evidence of this) and vocals are raw and powerful.

Favorite song from an album for me is titled track “None Shall Defy”.

So I suggest to all extreme metal fans to find this album and listen to it, because the influence of this band can be heard in many death or black metal albums, which already metal classics.

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