Review: Inferno Requiem “Nüwa”

Review: Inferno Requiem “Nüwa”

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Inferno Requiem “Nüwa”
Pest Production / Graceless Recording

Oh shit, what am I listening to? A great new album has been launched by Inferno Requiem. Another trve black metal masterpiece of Taiwanese Black Metal scene. ‘Nuwa’ is a new album from Inferno Requiem, a one man black metal band, led by Fog. And I really impressed with this album.

Intense riffage and excellent production. Really impressive. A monumental work. Just listening to this album and I am in…. delight. I wanna say it since the beginning and repeat it over and over again – an excellent production. I can listen to this excellent guitars work, too many fluid and robust riffs, dense, intense, immense – I can really buy a copy of this without any dilemma. Tremendous drums work, just listening to ”Ten Suns”, a track to remember, but it also has the right elements, the right combinations and alterations to be labeled a great track.

I am enjoying this album a lot. In the same line and style you will find the other track entitled ”Apocalypse Chaos”, tremendous furious blast beat drums, definitely a crazy track. I have listened to the previous demos, albums and EPs, from Inferno Requiem and I can define his sound as a very good combination of an old school black metal with some DSBM elements and sombrous atmospheres, but ‘Nuwa’ is not in the same style. The sound I can say is the same but the spirit has changed, it has became more venguard and more aggressive at the same time.

Yes, there are quiet tracks, inspiring atmospheres in the vein of yoga meditative strokes, but in general the album is an unleashed beast, a river flooding, something supercharged with anger. There’s so much ”warrior personality” essence here. I am sure on this, just listen to a track entitled ”The Investure I” and you will see. But this is not over here guys, the luciferian majestic tone never ends. I would super recommend ”Necrobewitchment”, a trve malignant grim opus. What a grim atmosphere! The ”devilo-diaboliques” concepts are there, the grim spirit is there, what could you except more from this kvlt Taiwanese One Man Black Metal band? A Really qualitative album.

As I said at the beginning this album has some extinct features that makes him different from the other precedents works. This time Inferno Requiem offers an infernal ”devilo-diabolique” spirit of the misanthropic warrior. The style is not the same, I can refer here to my comments and approaches on what I defined his style: I will try to be quiet correct here, the precedent works have an excellent balance and dosage of the old school black metal with some DSBM influences, meanwhile in this last album ‘Nuwa’ deploy another style and some other concepts (which are going around ”unorthodox” concepts) that go through a realm of aggressively ”avant-gardesque” but Trve Anguished devilish misanthropic warrior spirit. It’s interpreted through very aggressive drums, blast beats, and of course very completive and clean over-boosted professional riffs. Definitely, Fog is walking in some other undiscovered dimensions between the ”unorthodox” concepts of an anti-religious and anti-conformism, but I would suggest here without any bad intention to Fog himself to approach his sound and his philosophy through an ancient wisdom of misanthropy and Satanism in some misty concept of anti-cosmic black metal. But this is only my opinion and not an advice.

Fog’s approach is so close to this concept in fact, because listening the whole album this taste is there. What is really impressive is that the oriental meditative extracts are part of a very deepen philosophy of what Fog himself is trying to interpret and offer here. That’s why I am saying that this time we are seeing, reading and of course listening something different from previous works. I would recommend this album to all those misanthropes who have their own beliefs and don’t care about the modernism, bullshit crappy copy/paste project that go around the web. This is a professional trve album made by a trve misanthropic warrior who never fails. I repeat: I don’t recommend this album to those who don’t have a large base of musical background. This will be my discrimination to all those who try to launch smearing campaigns on the annals of the forums, webs, and other shitty crappy dilettantes and posers. Inferno Requiem is trve.

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