Review: Inferno Requiem “The Art of Black Oath”

Review: Inferno Requiem “The Art of Black Oath”

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Well, it seems Inferno Requiem is raising again out from the dark abyss to raise hell for those who tried to initiate a smear campaign in his homeland. The best response for the trolls and the worms that crawl out from the anals of Taiwan and Japan. Not worth to talk about shitty and crappy trolling stories. What I want to underline is the fact that Infernal Requiem lead by Fog is launching lately a massive of solid releases, one of them is worth having written some lines by me.

I want to focus on his latest “The Art of Black Oath” is a compilation live album which contains various live recording tracks from Inferno Requiem. The best response to those who are still in doubt to listen to this Black Metal solo artist. YES, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS RELEASE. FOR SURE. Why? You will find there the grim and ‘’tiede’’ atmosphere of what Asian Samurai Black Metal is. The live recordings are again a slap in the face of those who still aren’t familiar and refuse to listen to these kinds of projects. I am telling you one thing: Raw Samurai Black Metal of quality. What I really admired of Inferno Requiem is the very raw riffs and the well playing and interpreting the topics. You don’t believe me? Just give it a listen to ‘’Necrobewitchement’’[live] and you will feel that grim slaying atmosphere.

Well, this compilation of live recordings is away of the digital touches that are ruining the black metal art since the beginning of the new millennium. It stands far way from those kinds of shitty things. You will enjoy what you expect from a One Man Asian Samurai Black Metal band. Swords up, and this time not for the next Harakiri, but prepare to swallow all this black venom which is spreading the world, the true face of one of the most ‘’obscure’’ and hellish Asian Black Metal bands. Understanding step by step the structures and the attitude of this band is easy and catchy only for those who really intend on black metal, those who have ears on it. Not recommended for kiddos. A release to be part of your collection as a true gem and as a true Asian Black Metal heritage.

Respect & Honor to the Last Samurai!!!!!!!!!

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