Review: Into Dark “I, Glance”

Review: Into Dark “I, Glance”

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The Polish black metal band Into Dark has returned from oblivion with a brand new record – EP I, glance, releasing it entirely independently in late spring. Six years have passed since their debut album Tone.Death.Memories, and now they are once again full of creative energy and fervent desire to express their feelings through the musical visions of this new EP.

The members of Into Dark are all engaged (except the drummer) in various death and black metal projects within local underground scene of Rzeszów, so, there’s not so much time for this band. But now, fresh and relaxed, they are ready to blast. This album is a smooth continuation of their previous record, but here we can also dive deeper into the realms of death, thrash and even modern metal, but within the framework of black metal. This is about the freedom of expression; there are no rules or blind worship to orthodox conservatism of his majesty black metal. I, glance is about a natural way of things, this music just doesn’t fit into specific genre or is subordinated to strict laws of BM. Unobtrusively nonchalant and serenely balanced, the latest opus of Into Dark is floating to its own beat.

The album begins with the chaotic and disharmonic intro of “Brooding Wings”, gradually transforming into some sort of death metal. Then it reshapes once again to typical black metal with common screams and roaring blast beats. There are some melodic passages and hints on mdm, but still the spirit of black metal never disappears. A little bit thrashy “A Prose of Death” is also poised between the harshness of death metal and atmospheric black. The melodic flame in the background mode enlightens the ambiance, smoothing away all the messiness without complicated moves (despite the audible mood shifts). And the last track “Odezwa” invites us into doom metal space, until the fundamental core of black metal joins in. There are some nostalgic notes and melancholic chill, but with a tinge of hope; and the sound of rain in the end washes away all the woes and sorrows, leaving only distant echoes of the dark past. Everything comes to an end, inter alia, these 20 minutes of subtle but profound black metal journey.

Despite the tiny rays of hope, I, glance is still soaked in depressive mood, full of fears and horrors of modern times. The artwork clearly demonstrates the bane of 21st century – technology addiction dressed in a disguised form of solitude. We can struggle and pretend, socialize and entertain, but anyway, a gnawing suspicion of loneliness has the final say.

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