Review: INTOXICATED “Walled” [Seeing Red Records]

Review: INTOXICATED “Walled” [Seeing Red Records]

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Score 81%
A ruthless trio of Thrash Metal veterans from Florida rises up from the pits of hell with a brand new EP, full of vicious extremity that will bring a smile to anyone with an affinity to heavy and aggressive music.
81 %
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Releasing three demos in the early 90’s, one recorded and produced by Chuck Schuldiner himself, Florida-based thrashers Intoxicated have awoken with a brand new EP entitled Walled, full of vicious extremity that will bring a smile to anyone with an affinity to heavy and aggressive music. With connections to the entire Florida scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s including Death, Obituary and Morbid Angel, to name a few, Intoxicated are not short on stories to say the least, and while their roots are firmly planted in the Death and Thrash Metal of their Florida brethren, the band has expanded their sonic palette to incorporate crossover and hardcore influences in the newborn spawn. Mastered at Smash Studios in Longwood, Florida and featuring an old school cover artwork courtesy of artist Celeste Brown, Walled can be considered a fresh new start for the band currently formed by Erik Payne on vocals and guitar, Gregg Roberts on bass and Mike Radford on drums, paving a new and exciting thrashing path ahead of those metal veterans.

Erik and his henchmen don’t waste a single second and begin their sonic attack in Smash the Line, featuring guest guitarist Brett Walker (from Kaupe), where the band delivers classic thrashing riffs, blast beats and raspy, demented roars, therefore reminding me of old school Obituary with the more modern sonority of Exodus from their Rob Dukes-era. In other words, this excellent tune brings forward no shenanigans, only our pure, good old Thrash Metal, followed by the title-track Walled, more infuriated and electrifying, providing our ears the piercing Death and Thrash Metal-infused riffs by Erik while Gregg and Mike keep the atmosphere thunderous with their crushing bass jabs and sick beats, respectively. And Grab the Rope sounds and feels even darker and heavier, with Mike dictating the pace with his frantic drums while Erik barks and slashes his guitar strings rabidly, resulting in a circle pit generator that will please all admirers of both old school and contemporary Thrash Metal.

Hell’s Reward is another headbanging creation by the trio, with Erik and Gregg making the earth tremble with their stringed axes, once again drinking from the same fountain as bands like Exodus and Testament, while its riffs bring a touch of the Groove Metal played by Lamb Of God to the overall result. After going to hell with Intoxicated, it’s time to go absolutely berserk to the sound of the Black Metal-infused extravaganza titled Stuck in Mode, presenting a thrilling balance between sheer savagery and harmony and groove, with Erik and Mike being in total sync with their respective riffage and beats, ending in a very entertaining Metallica/Megadeth neck-breaking vibe. Lastly, closing such fun and demolishing EP the band offers the listener the also brutal Yuck, where it’s impressive how they managed to bring forth a modernized version of their 90’s sound while at the same time remaining loyal to their early days. Put differently, this is a visceral tune led by the pounding drums by Mike while Gregg is merciless with his bass jabs, all spiced up by a guest guitar solo by Ken Andrews of Obituary.

If you have what it takes to be absolutely intoxicated by the furious Thrash Metal blasted by Erik, Gregg and Mike, go check what the trio is up to on Facebook and on Instagram, and of course don’t forget to purchase your copy of Walled from the band’s own BandCamp page or from other retailers and locations such as Amazon. It might have taken 23 years for the band to release new material since their 1997 full-length album Metal Neck, but as opposed to other bands that took ages to compose a new album like Guns N’ Roses with their controversial Chinese Democracy, we can say Intoxicated nailed it with Walled hands down. This is a must-have album for any diehard fan of Thrash Metal, either from the 80’s and 90’s or from the modern sonority found in present-day bands, and let’s just hope Erik and his crew don’t take another couple of decades to stun us all once again with their collection of thrashing anthems.

Best moments of the album: Walled and Stuck in Mode.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2019 Seeing Red Records on August 28th, 2020

Track listing

  1. Smash the Line 3:13
  2. Walled 2:47
  3. Grab the Rope 3:09
  4. Hell’s Reward 3:24
  5. Stuck in Mode 3:29
  6. Yuck 3:53

Band members
Erik Payne – vocals, guitar
Gregg Roberts – bass
Mike Radford – drums
Guest musicians
Brett Walker – additional guitars and guitar solo on “Smash the Line” and “Hell’s Reward”
Ken Andrews – guitar solo on “Yuck”

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