Review: INTRCPTR “I”

Review: INTRCPTR “I”

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Do you remember “Mad Max: Road Warrior” movie with its post-apocalyptic atmosphere and endless desert roads? It seems like Ben Carr and Larry Herweg were inspired by these pictures to create a project named INTRCPTR.

INTRCPTR was formed not a long time ago, but the members are not newcomers in music. Ben Carr (guitars) also playing in the band 5ive (5ive’s Continuum Research Project) and Larry Herweg (drums) plays in Pelican (also in Lair Of the Minotaur before). So, the forces joined and they release their first EP with laconic name ‘I’.

I’ve mentioned “Mad Max” not accidently: there are a lots of references to this movie. Also INTRCPTR (Interceptor) is Max’s car, his integral part.


The members themselves describe their project like “[…] the album plays out almost in synchronicity to the type of long, desert drive that sticks in your brain and brings your shoulders down permanently thereafter”. And it needs to say that it’s quite accurate comparison: tracks are monotonous enough, rhythmical patterns change not so often, but the music isn’t boring at all. The main merit of an album is a translation of various moods by playing one or two riffs but in different ways. For me, this also shows musicians skills.

There are five tracks in EP (four, to be precise with short intro “Nightrider”), that sounds monotonous, but very powerful. The record quality allow to hear every drum hit and strings touch – great work of Gabe Van from Akira Audio (record, mixing) and Brad Boatright (mastering).


Overall, an EP despite its tediousness isn’t tiring at all. Contrariwise, it’s a pity that it’s so short – about 21 minutes. And it’s really great illustration of a long ride, that transmit a lots of emotions with a couple of chords.

i’ was released in July, 21 via Magic Bullet Records.


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