Review: Iron Savior “Kill Or Get Killed” [AFM Records]

Review: Iron Savior “Kill Or Get Killed” [AFM Records]

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German metalers, sci-fi lovers and simply good musicians Iron Savior release their 12-th album with awesome name Kill Or Get Killed. What’s inside is also equally great.

The band’s founder, producer, vocalist and guitarist Piet Sielck tells about an album: “We just were up for something new, and I was inspired by the book “The Star Of Pandora”, a sci-fi novell about destruction of humanity by alien civilization.” So, lyrically the band remains true to itself.

Musically Kill Or Get Killed is a great Teutonic Heavy/Power Metal, like Blind Guardian, Accept, Gamma Ray and Helloween (Kai Hansen’s legacy still remains).

An album distinguishes with its melody and catchiness: the first track “Kill Or Get Killed” stuck in your brains with its first notes very hard and it’s quite difficult task to get it out from there. “From Dust And Rubble” and “Heroes Ascending” are also catchy as well. The rhythm section by Jan S. Eckert (bass) and Patrick Klose (drums) sounds powerful, giving the music its heaviness. Joachim “Piesel” Küstner‘s guitar solos are fast, technical and, let’s say, within the framework of the genre. Last but not least, Piet‘s vocals: it’s harsh, sharp, but steadily hits high notes. In a word, it fits great to the genre.

The one thing this album can be blamed is that it’s derivative in some way. But for the great justice, this can be said about, maybe, half of albums from this genre. So, if we take its melodism, heaviness and vigor to consideration, we can easily turn a blind eye to this lack.

Kill Or Get Killed will be released on March, 8 via AFM Records.

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