Review: Ironguard “Towards Victory” [Heathen Tribes]

Review: Ironguard “Towards Victory” [Heathen Tribes]

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Towards Victory starts with a curious intro, very similar to the rest of the album. In this intro, the bass repeats the same growling line, and then the guitars join in, playing a riff that could be both power and thrash metal. And just like that intro, the rest of the album is found across the power and thrash genres.

Some tracks like “Second Sun” and “Towards Victory” fall under the power metal label, with fast riffs, lyrics about going on adventures, melodic choruses, clear singing with high notes and back-up from the band going “Whoah”. Meanwhile, “Strangers in hell” has punk-inspired riffs, shouted back up vocals and overall a more aggressive tone, making it a more thrash-inspired track. “Free Again”, probably the best song on the album, is a perfect blend of the two, with a melodic chorus and some wild energy, a few thrash riffs, and a nice story about finding freedom.

What are the results of that mix of power and thrash? Most of the time, it works pretty well. Or at least, in the better songs of the album. I’d say that not all the songs are perfect. After “Wild Fire Pride”, everything starts to blend together a bit. But that’s just another of the many weaker middles in otherwise good albums, not a real problem. Because in songs that “work”, this album is pretty damn good. The band can definitely play. It feels like the band is going all the way, playing their fastest and singing their loudest, really throwing themselves at the adventures they are singing about. The songs have catchy choruses, good riffs and pretty cool guitars solos. But most of all, they have a great energy. They’ll get you pumped up. They rock. They deserve the overused name “epic”. If power metal doesn’t do anything for you, then I guess you won’t be interested, but if it does… Then you’ll headbang at a crazy fast speed and find yourself completely immersed in the stories told by the songs. They have all the characteristics of good heavy and thrash metal: lots of energy, speed, anger, gripping stories, great riffs and vocals. The music sounds fresh and mostly, entertaining. I think this might become one of my favorite albums to review.

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