Review: Kadavar “For The Dead Travel Fast” [Nuclear Blast Records]

Review: Kadavar “For The Dead Travel Fast” [Nuclear Blast Records]

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Since 2010 Germans Kadavar regularly release an album every two years and in some mysterious way still didn’t disappointed. Their previous album Rough Times was released in 2017 so that means that it’s time for their new release For The Dead Travel Fast.

For those who are not familiar with Kadavar, imagine the great 70s rock that is not about love, peace, flowers, grass and psychedelics but with odes to the Lucifer, Beelzebub and other occultism. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be so sure about psychedelics.

Ok, let’s get back to the album: For The Dead Travel Fast starts from the end, literally. In two minutes of the first track “The End” we will hear silent wind’s howl, gloomy guitar rolls and a little thrumming vocal from Christoph ‘Lupus’ Lindemann. Nonetheless, in this time the song can greatly transmit the album’s mood  and seamlessly turns into next “The Devil’s Master”. Here the band unfolds fully: loud Christoph ‘Tiger’ Bartelt’s drums with overdriven Simon ‘Dragon’ Bouteloup’s bass provide a strong rhythm-section while ‘Lupus’ pleases the hearing with simple but groovy riffs.

The next “Evil Forces” will take anyone back to 70s: nifty riffs with banging rhythm-section and Lindemann’s voice that sometimes goes falsetto will raise the dead from his grave and make him dance or headbang (depends on former deceased). I’m not talking about living because it’s hard to stay calm with the music like this.

Many critics often compare Kadavar with Ghost, mostly not in favor of the last one. Though, if some unsophisticated fan will listen to “Children Of The Night”, I bet my 6.66$ that he will tell that it’s Ghost! Maybe he will have some doubts in the beginning of the song, where slow fingerpick reminds Black Sabbath. But after that the mood escalates and turns to rhythmic, almost dancing riff with melodic chorus.

If we’re talking about dances, I need to mention the most dancing song in this grim album, named “Dancing With The Dead”.  Here we got tango, some Latin-American vibes and hell knows what! All of this made only with guitar, bass and drums. Still, this song also will make you move. All in all, it’s an ideal soundtrack for the forthcoming Halloween parties! With this, I must emphasize that it’s quite gloomy song.

For the end of the album Kadavar put two slow songs: technically simple “ballad” “Saturnales” and impressive “Long Forgotten Song”, which lasts almost eight minutes. “Saturnales” is a simple guitar roll with some weird sounds on the background. It simply starts and simply ends; in front of the whole album it doesn’t impress at all. With this, “Long Forgotten Song” starts with some bluesy notes, changes tempo several times and ends spectacularly. Also the drum solo, which continues with the guitar one are off the charts.

In the overall, bearded men from Kadavar didn’t disappointed again. They gave to their fans exactly what was expected from them, mixing 70s rock with catchy choruses and gloomy mood with infernal merriment. Perfect.

For The Dead Travel Fast was released on September, 11 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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