Review: Krysthla “Worldwide Negative” [Initiate Audio and Media]

Review: Krysthla “Worldwide Negative” [Initiate Audio and Media]

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Krysthla are a band who have been making a name for themselves on the metal underground for a number of years now both with their recorded output (with first album A War Of Soul’s And Desires from 2015 and its follow up 2017s Peace In Our Time) and fearsome live show (including a show-stealing slot at the UK’s Bloodstock Festival this year) and the band return with their most fearsome statement of metal yet in the shape of Worldwide Negative.

The album wastes no time in going straight for the jugular with opening track Negative which is a definite statement of intent and shows that the band are wasting no time in letting the world know that they mean business. A great mixture of groove, thrash and even some industrial leanings and a slither Of melodic ensures that the album gets off to a formidable start.

From then on, Worldwide Negative keeps on showcasing those crucial elements that illuminate the bands sound and demonstrates the leaps and bounds that Krysthla have made as a band and as songwriters as they craft some of the best metal this year has produced.

Tracks like Grief Is New Love, White Castles Sound and the brilliantly titled Psalm Of Heartlessness sound immense and encapsulate the Krysthla sound perfectly. As the berserk closing track The Gift fades out, you know you have just listened to a great album, one that will stay with you for an age.

With Worldwide Negative, Krysthla have surpassed themselves and made their best album to date. It’s heavy as hell but varied with it and the songs contained on this album have structure and depth that so many metal bands would kill for and I have a feeling that they are only going to get better as time goes on, only time will tell on that note but until then, let Worldwide Negative consume you, you won’t regret it one bit.

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