Interview: KRYSTHLA

Interview: KRYSTHLA

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Interview with UK’s metal band, Krysthla. Have a read below:

Let’s start with the new album called Worldwide Negative. What is the musical direction you went through this album?
It’s still very much the Krysthla vibe but we wanted to expand more with the melody and texture opening up the possibility for more variety on the future.

The sound, in my opinion, is more agressive and heavier that the previous releases, do you agree on this?
Yes there was a conscious decision to make the production more aggressive to highlight the dynamics in the quieter sections which we hadn’t really utilised before.

Can we add melodic, progressive, darker, too?
Yes, and you can expect to see further expansion in the future, heavier, nastier more melodic, faster and slower. We are looking at broadening the sound as much as possible, and we’ll be taking this ethos forward.

Is this world doomed already? This would be the theme behind Worldwide Negative…
Not entirely, it’s more of an introspective look on the personal issues that people encounter, and some political social commentary regarding issues like nationalism and self identity.

With this new album, you stepped over Slipknot on the Amazon charts, being number 2. Quiet impressive! Did you even expect that?
It was nice but to be honest we do always set out to reach the top. Next time #1!! It was very nice that people went out to buy it in such large numbers, and we’ve got the fans to thanks for that.

How are you seen at the moment, in the UK metal scene? Do people attend the gigs?
Yeah the shows over here have been great, we opened up the main stage at Bloodstock, we’ve done both the o2 academies in birmigham and Leicester and the Underworld in london all to packed rooms. It’s great to see the support.

Let’s say, you’ve become more known after the 2016 tour along Decapitated, where you know, I discovered your music back then after seen you live on that tour. Do you consider that tour with a known name in the scene was a bonus for you?
Yeah, the Decapitated tour was a good way to introduce ourselves to a few new countries which was excellent. Obviously the decap guys are great guys and a top band and it was awesome to go out with them and Hate. Being introduced to the Romanian crowds was superb and we’d love to go back to that part of the world.

But you have “conquered“ the Bloodstock scene few times, a great experience for you then, in the UK scene, right?
Yeah it was a great honour to be asked to play Bloodstock twice in 2016 and 2019. It’s an awesome festival and again we would love to get back there in the future.

Do you have plans to tour over Europe again? I would like to see you again!
Yes we would love to go back over, but the Brexit situation has complicated things a bit. Hopefully that will now be sorted so we can get back over to mainland Europe as soon as possible.

What bands would you like to be on tour with next time?
Meshuggah, Gojira, Machine Head, Decapitated, any one of those….

Let’s hope to catch you up on the road soon, again!
Will do !! Thanks for the questions Carla your always welcome to come to a practice when and if you should visit the UK!

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