Review: LAUTREAMONT – Silence of the Deceased

Review: LAUTREAMONT – Silence of the Deceased

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LAUTREAMONT Silence of the Deceased
Hymns of Apocalypse

In May of 2018 LAUTREAMONT blessed us with Silence of the Deceased, their 7 track, 40 minute monster of an album released by Hymns of Apocalypse.

I was hooked since catching the Epitaph video on the 16th of May via Facebook. Since then, I’ve been listening carefully to this album and I’ve decided something… That mother Russia has been kind to us, she has let her children play and what they’ve realised is fantastic. Far beyond their 2015 Insomnia EP.

LAUTREAMONT don’t just sound heavy, they play heavy and it feels heavy. There’s a ferocity to the string plucking that’s not regularly seen, a conviction to smashing that skin off the snare and it’s all captured in the resonance fantastically.

7 tracks of banging (dare I say slamming) dissonant Death Metal that aims to bring a Black Doom tinge throughout, quite cathartic.

Bassist and vocalist Dread is a standout here simply because of the music being written the way it is, bass doesn’t follow Wrath’s off kilter drums particularly, it gives Agony’s lead heavy guitar something to work off of and against. Many a time will the bass widdle its way out of the main riff to surprise us and keep it all interesting by building layers. Vocals are an impressive affair with a real guttural range and presence, just right for the job. Perhaps some more experimentation with multiple vocal layers would go down a treat on this album but it’s just a thought. On the whole, we have many twists and turns in each song, skipping between genres easily and holding it together effortlessly too. Heavy as a T34 – watch out.

The album artwork for Silence of the Deceased is something a bit different and at first I wasn’t excited about it but that said, it’s growing on me. The main point is that it’s clearly a digital image and to me, this is not metal but more encompassed by the EDM movement. I’m in two minds to buy the T-shirt because of this. Pity and damn it.

If you’re into Death Metal with a hint of dissonant Doom, hook yourself up on Bandcamp ITunes  Google Play Music or Spotify now and partake in Silence of the Deceased.

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