Review: Letargo “The Power of Genetic Manipulators” [Australis Records]

Review: Letargo “The Power of Genetic Manipulators” [Australis Records]

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More offerings from Chile’s metal scene sees Letargo‘s gritty trve/colourful thrash metal second release The Power of Genetic Manipulators.

Crunchy production always goes well with old school composition and the riffs and solos are reassuring in their reminiscing of a, err, crunchier time. Powerful riffs are scattered all over this album and are matched by the speedy precision of the rhythm section. The growls are ferocious but not unpleasant, as many vocalists can be, and the barked aggression adds a darker element to the melodious nature of the album.

Ten Million Lies comes second after a very brief (and of course, pointless) intro and shows what the band are capable of straight off the bat – heavy breakdowns, tempo changes, scorching riffs, moody tremolo picking, and stomping rhythms. Origen Real is pummelling from the get-go but the pace has the brakes put on after 20 seconds as we’re treated to trve metal riffage before old school solos soar alongside 2 more tempo changes – all before the minute mark – the musicianship and work ethic so far is impressive. Broken Trust has both gang and clean backing vocals, which somehow works, and finishes with a flourish with some 80s hair metal pinched harmonic soloing, because why not? The blast beats of Freedom are brief but tastefully done, which isn’t something that can be said often, and the old-school thrash riffs are pronounced but not overbearing; but sadly, the vocals are a bit too punchy and distract from the rest of the palette. The aggression of Datura Inoxia doesn’t let up even at the halfway point slow-down, and the call-and-response solos at the end are something to be savoured, especially when the bass joins in.

Just over 41 minutes is a perfectly acceptable time for a thrash metal album, but only having the 9 tracks will leave you wanting more. Letargo have produced an immaculately produced yet fierce effort, condensing intricate rhythms, powerful riffs, and frequent tempo changes all done with conviction and competence in equal measure. A must-listen for any thrash fan.

Release date: December 15th, 2020

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