Review: Lomor “Perseverance of Sickness”

Review: Lomor “Perseverance of Sickness”

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In the Indian Ocean, heading towards the southern tip of Africa, between Madagascar and Mauritius lies the island of Réunion. With a population of just under 1 million ethnically and culturally diverse inhabitants, it has given birth to a three-piece thrash band called Lomor. Their debut, Perseverance Of Sickness is on review here and let me say straight off the bat, that this album is that solid, that it could quite easily have been from one of the world’s thrash capitals. I think it’s leaps and bounds ahead of any past or current metal to come out of Réunion, with the exception perhaps of Aeon Patronist.

This is well-produced, well-executed thrash metal. They have a great sound, great song structures, a good amount of variation, excellent musicianship and vocals that are perfectly suited to the music. Perseverance Of Sickness is a very solid debut.

It is difficult to find any fault with this album, however, if I were to nitpick, I would say the sound is typically New Wave Of Old-School Thrash Metal, i.e. very clean. It would’ve been fantastic if there was perhaps a little more rawness to it. I also think the album art could’ve been better, but at least it’s not another mutant zombie infected with radiation sickness.

A conclusive overview:
Eric Castelnau on vocals and guitars, Gurvan Cambrai on drums and Matthieu Michalina on bass have put together a really solid debut here. I suspect their head-banging countrymen may suddenly have a benchmark to judge themselves by.

Is it worth a listen? Absolutely! This is solid, and thrash aficionados will surely appreciate it.

Til next time.

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